DESIGN WORKSHOP: What's your style?

Thursday, August 9, 2018 - 8:30am
Signature Homes Seaview plan

Picking an architectural style is a choice informed by how you live as well as your personal taste. We round up some popular options and what to consider before you choose.

1. Contemporary 
If you love the look of modern materials, simple shapes and clean lines, a contemporary home is for you. Our Design & Build service allows you to achieve the architectural look you love using the most up-to-date technology to create a bespoke home unique to your family. Pictured is our Seaview plan (main image), and Nelson showhome (below), both featuring original design.


2. Coastal 
We Kiwis love our lakes, rivers and beaches and a home on the water is a dream for many of us. If you’re lucky enough to realise this dream, you’ll want a durable, easy- care home with big, beautiful windows. This home was built from Signature’s Sandy Bay plan at Marsden Cove in Whangarei. 


3. Classic 
This style of home has a heritage feel that will always be timeless. A classic home is also extremely versatile as it’s equally suitable for a lifestyle block, sleepy country town or an urban suburb. Pictured here is an example of the Tetley plan, a generous home design that’s ideal for entertaining. 


4. European 
The New Zealand landscape is so diverse that borrowing architectural ideas from around the world often makes sense. Our love affair with Tuscan and Spanish houses is ongoing and these styles can offer easy living with great connection to the outdoors. Pictured is the Tangaroa from our Pacific Collection



SIZE: What size home will best suit your family? Consider storage, bedrooms, bathrooms, room sizes and living areas. 

FUNCTION: Think about what you like to do in your home, eg entertain, work, study, individual hobbies and family time. 

YOUR STYLE: Think about your personal taste and how objects and furniture will fit your new home. What is your vision for the interior and which house will best suit it? 

LANDSCAPE: Consider what type of house suits your location and section, and takes best advantage of the view, sun orientation and wind. 

THE FUTURE: Think about how your family might change, grow or shrink and research what technologies are likely to be common in our homes. Prepare for tomorrow!

This article originally appeared in Signature Style magazine. Click here to request your free copy.


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