Tile Options

Friday, September 14, 2018 - 9:30am


TILE OPTIONS: More great reasons to consider Tile 


As trends change and flooring types fall in and out of favour, tile remain one of the most trusted flooring solutions over time. With the evolution of modern printing and manufacturing, tile will continue to stay in the forefront of technology to offer versatility and design.  And along with looking great there are other benefits that tile, and a tile finish can add to your new home.


Healthy Home

In recent years, we’ve become more conscious of our health and that of our family members, and at Signature homes we are often asked about the sustainability and health impacts of the products we use and incorporate into our homes. 


Environmentally friendly, ceramic tile is manufactured using natural materials and does not retain toxic chemicals, odours, allergens or bacteria. It is fire-retardant and in the case of a house fire, will not emit toxic fumes. Because of the base nature of the product, clay, tiles contain none of the chemicals that have been in the media associated with other flooring products and associated health issues.


Because tiles, by nature, are inorganic and have a hard-fired surface, they do not absorb dust mites and are completely inhospitable to bacteria, fungi and mould- a critical plus for those with allergies. 



Porcelain & Ceramic tile create a healthy living space 


Trending now from Tile Warehouse  

When it comes to tiles, the Tile Warehouse are at the cutting edge of trends and design.  According to their designers, the stand-out-trends for 2019 in tile and home design feature earthy, muted tones, geometric shapes and matt, powder-look surfaces.



Clear shapes and dynamic modern arrangement can be achieved by the use of tiles in different textures and shades. 

3D & Geometric graphic patterns and 3D expressions are becoming light, with delicate contours. The geometry of the shapes carved in alternating matt or glass surfaces gives a dynamic expression. 



Timber tile is also something you will see more of in 2019 and beyond, it is long lasting easy to clean, slip resistant and looks stunning in your home.



To get more great ideas from the Tile Warehouse you can download their latest collection brochure here, and if you like the look of the Timber Tiles their lookbook is available online here, and of course their website is full of tile inspiration and design tips.