You may trust your builder, but can you trust their suppliers?

Friday, January 27, 2017 - 12:00pm

As you have probably been reading in the media, the property market is booming. This boom isn’t just happening in Auckland, many other cities and regions are also seeing an influx of new residents. As New Zealand grows, the building industry is growing along with it – now is a good time to be a builder - however, as the industry grows, we are beginning to see some cracks forming. The pressure on the industry, caused by demand outstripping supply, is also creating a lot of competition in certain areas, which puts pressure on price and unfortunately creates opportunities to cut corners.

This has been highlighted in recent articles by the New Zealand Herald (you can read here and here) investigating substandard building practices including a class action in Christchurch against three companies using substandard steel mesh and another article on substandard products being sold to builders out the back of cars on building sites, products that don’t meet compliance.

As stated in the NZ Herald by the General Manager of Auckland Council’s building control team, Ian McCormick, council building inspectors were noticing more and more substitutions than ever before. The pressure to deliver a home on time, for less money was the main driver for replacement products being used. McCormick states that he is aware of a number of incidents where faulty or non-compliant products were used, and had to be removed after the completion of the home. Ranging from non-compliant roofing and electrical wiring, to substandard pre-cast concrete, the issue is wide-spread and not always easy to detect by your average homeowner. In some cases, where the company cannot prove compliance to the council, the homeowner has ended up footing the bill for the replacements. And these are the ones that have been identified before compliance. There is a reason that we have compliance, for the safety of the families who live the buildings, so in the future there may be more cases brought to light through damage to homes or loss of life caused by substandard building materials.

These examples are another reason you need to have full confidence in who you are using to build your home, that all the materials will meet compliance once completed, and that you are aware of the details of the guarantees you have on the home, from which suppliers and how long those guarantees last.

Signature Homes guarantee all our homes, and all the products we use. Our extensive supply chain of locally recognised building suppliers has been cultivated over time, allowing us to acquire the best quality products that have been tested to NZ Standards. Everything we use, our supply chain, products and trades, are the highest quality and ensure strict compliance to the New Zealand Building Code and applicable laws. What makes Signature Homes different is our guarantees, provided by an independent company, which provide the most extensive and comprehensive cover in the industry.

Throughout the Signature build process, our Project Managers and specialist Production Teams will personally oversee your entire build. They can help you stay abreast of everything that happens with your home, and are there to answer any questions you may have. Beyond that, they are there to manage all the contractors who work on your home, the quality of the work and ensure that your new home flies through the Code Compliance Certificate checks from the council without any hitches. This process is how Signature Homes can confidently guarantee the lasting structural integrity and weather tightness of your new home. Simply put, the guarantees Signature Homes offer are the best in the business meaning you can trust that you will not be left with any nasty surprises, and can sleep easy at night.