DESIGN WORKSHOP: Your next big colour trends

Posted On Jan 23, 2019 in Design

DESIGN WORKSHOP: Your next big colour trends

At Signature, we are proud to work with the best suppliers in the country to ensure we are delivering you uncompromised design, service, and quality when building your home. Resene is one of our valued partners and their recent colour forecast is sure to get you inspired. 

“Fully-steeped colours dominate the forecast, while easy-going earthy looks endure”.

The Resene colour team has been busy scouring the latest trend reports, blog posts, Instagram streams, Pinterest boards, catalogues, magazines, and local shops to find out what trends are staying, which ones are going and what’s coming next. While there are certainly some recent trends that seem to have a lot of staying power, there are also some interesting surprises on the not-so-distant horizon.

Staying in touch with nature

“We have seen woven natural textures – especially in fibres like sisal, rattan, and jute –everywhere, along with equally earthy colours to complement them: a myriad of greens, terracotta, and blushes of warm, barely-there sunset tones like petal pink, lilac, and buttery yellows. Try mixing a few favourites like Resene Shilo with Resene Permanent Green”, says Brenda.

The popularity of rich emeralds and jades like Resene Atlas paired with brass and white marble finishes is still holding strong. “This look can be easily mixed with natural or whitewashed baskets and plenty of plants for more dressed down glamour” said Brenda.

If you are keen for kilim then you can bring this look into your home with a few simple steps.

  1. The walls of this reading area (Resene Sunbaked) look warm and toasty in contrast to the neutral floor (Resene Napa)

  2. The sisal table has been livened up with Resene Rebel and is a great base for the pink and coral vases

  3. Snuggle in for a read on a statement chair or armless sofa in a natural oatmeal colour which lend themselves to being covered with cushions and cosy grey or caramel-coloured throws

  4. Handwoven kilim rugs by artisans from Kabul to Casablanca can be used to adorn floors and walls alike

In a space with this much warmth, you’ll hardly notice its winter at all!

The passion for pinks prevails

“While vibrant Living Coral was declared the 2019 Pantone® Colour of the Year, pinks are still the dreamy, pale, bordering-on-beige versions that have been popular since early last year – and they’re still absolutely everywhere – but they are slowly evolving to take on blush and coral tones too”, says Brenda.

On red alert

If your perceptions about pink have started to feel more like fatigue than frenzy, there may be an end in sight. Brenda has seen a slow shift towards deep burgundies, and rich poppies are, well, popping up and being layered over midnight blues.

Dark & stormy nights

Speaking of midnight blues, moody navies that look like they came straight out of the Mariana Trench like Resene Wishing Well are very popular right now. “You can build up a deeply layered look in a bedroom – like the one below – that’ll make you want to dive right into bed and stay there until winter’s over”, says Brenda.

You can achieve this look with:

  • Brass details and an ochre velvet chair provide a touch of warmth to balance out this otherwise cool space
  • Pile on the charcoal-on-navy-on-charcoal bedding
  • Finish with a soft low-pile rug in steel blue and an accent chair in a contrasting colour like mustard, aqua or coral

She suggests if those are too intense for your tastes, go for something a little more coastal like Resene Coastal Blue (from the Resene Karen Walker Range 2). Pair these with darker grey-blues like for some contrast and grey-whites for some levity.

Getting a feel for teals

Brenda tells us that aquas are also splashing into interiors right now. If you’re particularly daring, double down by teaming them with mustards.

For more ideas on how to bring bold, rich colours into your home – both in big and small doses – check out Resene's pro-tips.

The options for bringing colour and texture into your home are endless but sometimes the choices are overwhelming, so we love the fact that every Signature client gets time with a professional colour consultant during the design of their new home. This gives the opportunity to discuss the latest trends, refine your big ideas and bring personality into your home.  With the right colour choices and new finishings, your house will be one you are proud to call home for a very long time.

If all of this colour talk has sparked inspiration then learn how to bring style into your home without breaking the bank here.

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