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Get the Look: The Meadows

Posted on February 21, 2023 in Design

If you're searching new home inspiration, our latest Get the Look guides are packed full of exterior and interior design trends to inspire your new home journey. Featuring modern home design trends from our latest new builds across New Zealand. Explore our latest editions below.

Earthy, Edgy, and beautifully modern

Effortlessly bright and welcoming, the 265sqm Meadows   features a standout exterior created from mixed material cladding. Abodo Vulcan Linear Cladding is paired with The Brickery La Paloma bricks. The use of mixed materials creates visual texture, and gives the exterior a striking bold aesthetic.

As you step inside you're met with bespoke features around each corner that makes this home truly unique. 

Linear wood panelling

Linear wood panelling creates dimension and texture, adding visual interest without overpowering your overall interior design

Dual Toned Kitchens
Two toned kitchens are a great way to add character to your home. The contrasting colour palette perfectly comes together to create a unique focal point.

Neutral base colour

A neutral base colour palette acts as the perfect blank canvas for a timeless home. Accent colours of forest greens, deep burgundy’s and burnt orange enhance the look of this home and add a touch of personality. This can easily be switched out later for something fresh. 

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