Why a House & Land package may be just what you are looking for

Posted On Oct 10, 2019 in Living

Why a House & Land package may be just what you are looking for

For many people, the dream of building is often overridden by the fear of what can go wrong. Cost blowouts, uncertainty about inclusions or the suitability of land they have seen. Our expertise in House and Land means that we have a large range available to suit all budgets and the most discerning of tastes in the most popular locations, all at fixed prices.  

Some of our most popular House and Land packages are those from our Smart Collection. While economical and great value for money, this collection contains all the key things that you expect in a new home – they are modern, warm, light, low maintenance and built from quality building materials, sourced from New Zealand’s leading suppliers and manufacturers.

As Paul Bull, CEO of Signature Homes points out “The truth is that first home buyers can buy a brand-new house and land package with a lower deposit than you would for a pre-existing house at the same price. That’s a home that is built to modern building standards. It’s well-insulated, dry and warm and all the electrics are new – that means lower electricity bills, healthier homes and healthier families.”

Paul also points out that new home buyers opting to build can often defer the start of their mortgage payments until the house is built while enjoying the capital value increase on the property from the day that builders walk on to the site.

If you are looking to buy a new home, there are many compelling reasons to consider buying a house and land package. Here are five of our best:

1. You will stay within your budget

  • New homes offer great value for money and there are no hidden costs. At Signature Homes, we have the budget discussion up-front and design your home to your budget. We will talk to you about the “Total Cost to Build” which covers everything including the design, build and fit-out. During the design process we know there will be questions, we are up-front about any changes and how they can affect the final cost
  • When you move in there are no other costs to plan for
  • You can spend your money on your home, not on due diligence
  • House and land package new builds are exempt from the New Zealand Reserve Banks Loan-to-Value Restrictions (LVR), which means first home buyers can obtain finance for less deposit than the 20% typically required of first home buyers or the 40% from property investors. Read more here.

2. Peace of mind

Second-hand houses don't come with a guarantee – things break, leak or flood and you’ll have to pay out of your own pocket. House and Land packages, on the other hand, are built brand new so they’re guaranteed (not everybody offers the same high level of guarantee as Signature Homes, so scrutinise yours carefully). Plus you get your very own team managing the design and build process.

3. Make it yours

You have options to personalise your new home from decisions on flooring through to colours, tiles, fixtures, fittings and kitchen and bathroom design. What’s even better is that every Signature Homes customer receives one-on-one time with an interior designer to fine-tune your big ideas and make your home one you love to live in.

4. Convenient, modern living

House and Land packages are often built-in new developments that are planned and designed to fit modern urban design principles. They have close access to public transport and are conveniently located close to amenities, schools, and green spaces and parks.

5. Healthy homes

The build quality of new homes with new building and material technologies ensure you can count on a warm, dry home for many years to come.

You may not have realised that a house & land package could be the answer to your dreams. If this article has sparked interest then you can get in touch with your local team here, or check out our full range of House & Land packages here.

There are many common questions regarding house & land packages, here are a few of our favourites:

Where in New Zealand can I purchase a House and Land package? Signature Homes has House & Land packages available from Northland to Wanaka and pretty much everywhere in between. We have worked with developers to find great sections, then matched each section with the perfect house plan to suit its climate, topography, and orientation to the sun – all you need to do is add your personal touch.

How long will it take for my house to be ready for moving day? This will depend on many things such as the section, consents, titles on the land and access. You can expect your house to be ready anywhere from 20 weeks post the concrete slab going down (depending on the size and complexity of the house of course).

What will I need to do to move in? Signature Homes can provide all utility connections as part of the service. Any changes of address are facilitated on your behalf and ensuring a stress-free move from your existing property to your brand-new home is our priority.

What should I look for when comparing House & Land packages? Ask lots of questions until you are comfortable all aspects and concerns have been covered. Building a home takes time so you want to have a positive working relationship with your building team. Landscaping and driveways are often left out of the quote (to keep the price down) however they must be included based on covenants of the development you are looking at. Check if appliances are included in your quote. What is the quality of the materials used? What are the standards of the company, do they offer a fixed price offer? Are you comfortable with their guarantees and timeframes? Remember if it seems too good to be true then it very well could be!

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