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Why these home features are trending in NZ right now

Posted on November 24, 2020 in Design

Why these home features are trending in NZ right now

In contrast to the last few years of interior design trends, the features in high demand now have less to do with how things look and more to do with liveability. In 2020, real style lies in functional, beautiful homes that are a pleasure to live in.

1. Home offices

Working from home is trending in a big way as the world is thrust into a quickly changing landscape. Before we even knew about coronavirus the concept of #wfh had been gaining traction, and now it is becoming the norm for many people.

Whether your home office design will be located under the stairs, in a small bedroom, or just the corner of a room, there are a few essentials you will want to consider.

Learn how to create the perfect home office here.

2. Storage

Well thought out storage is important so you can tuck away the unsightly realities of daily life and create luxurious living spaces.

In the bathroom, kitchen and throughout the home, we're seeing increased demand for built-in bespoke storage solutions, seamless cabinetry, butler's pantries, large laundries, walk-in wardrobes and a discreet place to keep beauty products.

3. Spas at home

There was a real panic when hairdressers, waxers, and nail technicians were off- limits for much of the year, so it is no wonder that bathrooms are emerging as a space of sanctuary.

Practicality and functionality are so ever important with a trend towards dual vanities, and free-standing baths. It is all in the name of self-care, so go ahead and treat yourself. 

Learn some more of this year’s bathroom trends here.

4. The great outdoors

Restrictions on getting out and about have heightened the need for an inviting outdoor space to be close at hand.

It is a known fact that time spent in nature is an anecdote to our busy lives. It could be as simple as a strip of grass that you can lie on and listen to the birds, or you might be dreaming of a lush, tropical garden.

Create the ultimate outdoor room with these practical tips

5. Technology

We do most things from our phone these days so why not automate your lighting, sound and heating, or cooling as we approach summer?

Smart wiring and home automation are not new concepts, but they are gaining momentum as the desire to make our homes more functional increases.

Learn how to make your home a smart home here.

6. Space/ separate areas

There is a real need for everyone to be able to come together but also have their own space in a home. A sense of connectivity is important, as are rooms that can be closed for privacy and quiet.

Many of our plans have open-plan living spaces with additional media/ second lounges plus separate bedrooms, some of our favourites from the Pacific Collection are:

Tangaroa, Ellemere and Tomarata.

If you would like to speak to someone about building your dream home, you can find our local teams here.

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