Kitchen Splashbacks

A well-designed splashback can transform an ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary space in your new home.

What should you look for when designing your kitchen? Functionality rules of course, but the look and feel of the kitchen is just as important. As the hub of the home, there is good reason to design an original space that reflects your personality, stage in life and lifestyle. A tiled splashback is one way to make a style statement in your kitchen.

5 TIPS: Make the most of your showhome visit

Building companies build showhomes to showcase the quality and design features you can expect from them, and to inspire you with ideas you might not have thought of yet.

As a homebuyer, visiting a showhome isn’t just about price comparisons and deciding who you want to build with, it’s an opportunity to create your wish list. Interiors magazines and social media are a great source of inspiration but there’s nothing quite like standing in a real home to understand exactly what you do and don’t want.

Bathroom Series: BATHS

If you’re building a new house, some of the most exciting and daunting decisions are in the bathroom. One sink or two? Bath or no bath in the ensuite? Wall-hung or floor mounted vanity? Every decision you make has both practical and stylistic implications because while your bathrooms are probably the smallest rooms in your house, they are also the most used. In our bathroom blog series, we look at everything you need to know about putting together your new bathroom.

Bath or no bath?

Roofing Materials 101

A beautiful roof is the crowning glory to any home but what goes on it is more than just a visual choice. Your choice of roof materials plays a critical role in the performance of your home, and it impacts your budget now and when it comes to maintenance down the line.

One of the advantages of building new rather than buying an existing home is access to terrific new product technology and guarantees that mean your home will be weathertight for decades to come.

Why the right roof should be a high priority

When planning to design and build your dream home, the style of roof is probably not as high on your list of must-haves as the kitchen and bathrooms, but it should be. Your roof provides protection from the elements and plays a major role in how weathertight, resilient and energy efficient your home is. Your roof also makes up as much as a third of the exterior of your home, and has a significant visual impact.

First home buyers embracing new build culture in Auckland

We have recently seen a significant, 25%, increase in home building inquiries from first time home builders in 2017, as awareness about the LVR exemptions for residential home builds grows.

Our CEO Paul Bull says first home buyers, particularly in Auckland, are giving up on the inner suburbs and literally fleeing to greener pastures because it’s easier to borrow money for a home build, and many of the old risks associated with over capitalising on new builds no longer exist.