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Have you been thinking about investing in property but aren’t sure where to start? If you already own at least one property, either mortgage-free or with significant equity, and are looking for the next step in your financial future, investing in a brand-new Signature Home could be for you, and isn’t as hard as you think.

You may want to set yourself up with a nest egg for retirement, or perhaps invest in a property for your children to live in when they’re older.

The Signature Homes building process is easy and straightforward, and Lifetime’s experts make the financial aspect of investing in a new home easy and straightforward too.

Building a new home as an investment is a great choice. New homes are generally warmer and drier than existing homes and exceed the current requirements for the quality of rental properties by being well-designed, well-insulated and well-built. You can charge more in rent for a new home than existing properties, there are lower maintenance costs overall, and you can build the home in ways that suit tenants such as adjusting the floorplans for more bedrooms or adding bathrooms and ensuites, giving you a better return on your investment. New homes also hold their value longer, meaning your asset will be worth more over time.

Lifetime can assist with structuring your investment to provide the best financial benefits, providing customised financial solutions and wealth plans based on a new build. One50 works quickly to give you an indication of what you can afford to invest and the amount you can borrow to build your new Signature Home. Lifetime has been personally involved in property investment since 1998 and has specialist property investment accounting systems.

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