A home to meet your needs – both now and in the future.

A new home is a huge investment in time, money and effort – so why wouldn’t you want to make the most of it for as long as possible? Signature Homes and Lifemark are working together to future proof new Kiwi homes, helping you create a sanctuary that will suit your changing needs well into the future.

Lifemark and Signature Homes have come together to ensure that you can live in your new home for longer, even as you age. It’s not as hard or as expensive as you might think, and the result is a well-considered home that’s comfortable for everyone. And of course like all Signature Homes new builds, all our homes are covered by the best building guarantees in New Zealand, including a Fixed Price Guarantee, 10 Year Structural Guarantee, and a Weather Tightness Guarantee.

What is Lifemark?

Lifemark are an organisation that provide a rating system for homes based on Usability, Adaptability, Accessibility, Safety, Lifetime value.

Why Lifemark?


Making a few discreet changes during the design of your new home, you give yourself the opportunity to future-proof your home for you and your family. Whether your concerned about eventual mobility issues for yourself or your loved ones, or you’re just looking to make your dream home as light, spacious and functional as possible, Lifemark’s universal design standards ensure your new home is designed with your family’s future in mind. Think lever handles instead of knobs, slightly wider doorways, and grouping functional areas together. By building all the necessary design features into your new home at the concept stage you avoid costly retro-fitting to your house down the track, or prematurely moving into a rest home, as your needs change . A Lifemark accredited design allows you to enjoy the comforts of your own home for longer.

An independant assessment

Lifemark’s expert staff are able to assess the plans of your Signature home and make a variety of recommendations to make the best and safest use of the space available. Our reviews are independent and based on current best practice.

For all ages and stages

The Lifemark standard isn’t just for the future; it’s about using Universal Design principles to have the right space, in the right place, right now. A Lifemark rated Signature home is safe for people of all ages and abilities.

Star rating

Signature Homes and Lifemark collaborate to give your home a star rating. This demonstrates how well it will suit you and your family over a lifetime and gives you the flexibility to choose the level you need. Build a Lifemark rated home with confidence, knowing you’ll be there for the long term.

How it works:

  1. Work with Signature Homes to choose a plan that best fits your family’s needs, or design your dream home from scratch. 
  2. Talk to your Signature Homes Consultant about how you can incorporate Lifemark design principles in to your new home to future-proof it for years to come. 
  3. Once you have settled on your perfect design your consultant will send the plans to Lifemark for an independent review. This will assess your homes potential future performance in regards to usability, accessibility and adaptability to meet any changing of its occupants.
  4. Lifemark will provide a review and rating for your plan, and provide design recommendations to improve accessibility and performance to lift the star rating of your home. At this stage, Lifemark can also address any specific needs you may have. 
  5. Your Signature Consultant will talk you through the design and cost implications for changing the design of your plans based on the Lifemark recommendations.
  6. Signature will send the final plans back to Lifemark to ensure all changes made contribute to a higher level of functional performance. A Lifemark rating for the home is established at this stage. 
  7. Finalise your plans and your build contract to build your Lifemark rated Signature Home.
  8. Once your new home is built, and the finalised plans sent to Lifemark, a Lifemark Certificate and final star rating will be awarded which will stay with the home for its lifetime. 

Talk to one of our New Home Consultants today about how you can future proof your new home.



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