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Choosing a quality building company and the best materials go together. Metrotile is one of our trusted nationwide partners, supplying us with quality & innovative roofing solutions that ensure our homes not only look good but will stand the test of time.

If you’re thinking about building a new home from a pre-designed plan or from scratch, you can take comfort in knowing that by building with Signature Homes you will have access to the best building materials in the industry.

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Explore our Signature Homes below which feature some of Metrotile's most popular roofing products.

Classic in Flax

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Tudor in Ebony

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Shake in Sandstone Grey

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Why Metrotile


Metrotile is based on the principle of utilising only the best raw materials in the manufacturing of their lightweight roofing system. They use pure New Zealand Steel as the foundation for all their products and with steel being one of the most infinitely recycled materials in the world, every off cut of a tile or flashing can be recycled.

Faster Build

A Metrotile roof arrives on site in one delivery. Their roofs can be installed in almost any weather conditions and the roofers have everything they need to complete the job on site. Allowing your building process to be as quick as possible.


Every Metrotile roof is backed by our 50-year pro-rata warranty, and backed by BRANZ proving that they are willing to stand by their product, no matter what is thrown at it.


Locally produced, globally proven

Metrotile roofs are manufactured by Ross Roof Group, who are a New Zealand family owned and operated business that has been involved in roofing over 5 generations. Their products have been installed in over 80 countries worldwide in some of the harshest environments from the freezing Russian winters to melting Texan summers

Metrotile Products

Explore our options below and visit our website to view more of Metrotile's innovative roofing solutions.

Classic in Flax

Tudor in Ebony

Shake in Sandstone Grey

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