Modern House Plans



Modern house plans from Signature Homes take the location and your desired functionality into account and offer appealing layouts, uncomplicated proportions, clean lines and an abundance of natural light. Some of the shared characteristics between our modern house plans are:

  • Simple in form and design
  • Clean lines throughout
  • Large expanses of glass and windows
  • An abundance of natural lighting
  • Strong connections to the outdoor space
  • A focus on materials and modern functions

Browse some of our modern house plans right here or get in touch with us to let us know how we can help you.

Modern house plans differ from traditional designs and standard aesthetics by catering more to a home's location, function, and layout. With over 30 years of experience building new homes for Kiwis, Signature Homes has been at the forefront of New Zealand's modern home renaissance. Our modern house plans are tailored to suit the varying geometry of this beautiful country. We believe that the home should suit the person living in it and not the other way round. Perhaps your dream home is one which is free of clutter and unnecessary elements that distract from the natural beauty of your home's surroundings. Or perhaps your home should be one that is highly functional with rooms that are designed for one particular purpose. 

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