Clarissa & Marco’s

Their Brief

A statement fireplace, private outdoor living, a butler’s pantry, walk-in wardrobe and a large study were all high on the list of necessities for Clarissa & Marco’s brand new Signature Home in Ohauiti.

3 Bedroom house plan

The Plan

Clarissa and Marco approached their New Home Consultant with a rough plan for their new home, which was then expertly designed by Signature’s architects to suit their needs and budget. They also took care to design it with resale in mind, knowing they plan to move on after about five years – to their next Signature home!

simple white brick home

The Material

The couple decided to save on their exterior cladding with a simple white brick, which gives the home a classic and hardwearing look on the outside. This allowed them to splurge elsewhere, including an impressive covered outdoor area, a larger kitchen with shelves and a walk-in pantry, and extra-large windows.

The wow factor bathroom

Something Special

Clarissa & Marco wanted the bathroom in their new home to wow their guests. As high traffic areas, they splurged on extra tiling, a built-in shower and a feature bath, which all elevate the space.

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