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Showers are often the silent partner to baths when it comes to wow-factor in your bathroom, even though we use them every day. A cramped, scalding to freezing dribble is hardly the best start to your morning and is completely avoidable. Take your time to plan your layout and choose the right showerhead to ensure a pleasant showering experience every time. 


The first decision to make when planning your bathroom is where your shower will go. It is expensive and time-consuming to move plumbing, so base your decision on careful planning and expert advice from your Signature Homes consultant. 

Ideally your shower enclosure should be a minimum of 1- 1.5m square, which allows room to enjoy showering without feeling cramped. Once you have your location and shower size, check the reach of your shower door when it opens. You don't want it to knock against a vanity or toilet, and you need room to get in and out of the shower safely. 

If you choose to have an open shower, with no enclosure, consider how you will protect the rest of the bathroom from water spray. Glazing protection on your shower's surfaces is a relatively easy way to prolong its life and makes it much easier to keep it looking clean.

One of the most common bathroom blunders is placing shower taps in a spot that is awkward to reach or under the direct stream of water. The last thing you need is a daily drenching of cold water when you turn your shower on. Put your taps or shower controls where they can be easily reached from outside the shower.

Things to consider:

  • Is your bathroom better suited to a shower screen or full-enclosure?
  • Is there enough room inside your shower, and enough room for the shower door to swing open, unobstructed?
  • Are the shower controls easy to access?
  • Is the showerhead at a comfortable height?
  • Where will you store shower toiletries?
  • How will water be drained away?

PLUMBING WORLD PRO TIP: If your shower is going to be used by a lot of people, make sure you plan in-shower storage to keep the toiletries under control. You may tile in an alcove, choose a shower with moulded walls, or add shelving.

Choosing a showerhead

The range of showerheads available is amazing, from overhead rain showers, to fixed wall-mounted showerheads to adjustable handheld options.

The ideal height of your showerhead depends on whether it is wall-mounted or fixed over-head. Around 2000mm from the ground is standard, which allows room for most family members to stand comfortably under the water spray.

Overhead Shower

Originally found only in luxury hotels and spas, an overhead ‘rain’ shower is fixed into the ceiling and designed to give the experience of showering in a delicious, warm rainstorm. Oversized and either round or square shape, the latest models are fully adjustable whether you want a heavy drenching or gentle drizzle. The pure indulgence of a rain shower makes them a great option for your ensuite, where you can escape from the world.

Fixed wall-mounted shower

Fixing your showerhead to the wall is a cost-effective, no-fuss option if you know exactly how high you want your shower. For a streamlined look, pipes and plumbing can be hidden in the wall, or you can choose a statement showerhead and fixtures for wow-factor. 

Adjustable hand-held shower

If your shower will be used by children, elderly or anyone with limited mobility, a handheld showerhead gives flexibility and extra reach when needed. Designed to sit on a wall-mounted cradle or height-adjustable bar, these are a family-friendly option that also make it easier to clean your shower. 

It is common in modern bathrooms to include a handheld showerhead as well as overhead shower for maximum flexibility. “Shower systems are the best of both worlds. The overhead shower is perfect for a long luxurious soak, and the handheld shower is great for those days when you don’t want to get your hair wet", says Caroma.

Things to consider:

  • Who will be using the shower and what are their needs in terms of flexibility, height and direction control?
  • Are you planning to have your shower positioned over a bath?
  • Do you wash your hair every time you shower? An overhead rain shower can be tricky if you want to keep your hair dry.
  • Is your hot water supply and pressure system sufficient to keep up with your chosen showerhead?

PLUMBING WORLD PRO TIP: Sometimes it feels like the slightest turn of the mixer can adjust the water temperature by a couple of degrees: that’s the difference between shivering and being scalded! A thermostatic mixer keeps your shower set at your perfect temperature even if someone turns on a tap.

If all this sounds like too much hard work, fear not. Our Designers are experts at delivering stylish bathrooms that you’ll love to shower in for years to come. If you choose to build with Signature Homes, they will be with you every step of the way.

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