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Knock Down and Rebuild

Love where you live, but not your house?

You love your neighbourhood. The schools are great. You’ve made friends and the community is everything you want and need.

The only problem is your house is not your dream home. Maybe it’s too small. The layout is strange. You want better indoor/outdoor flow. The kitchen and bathroom have had it. Or perhaps you are one of thousands of Kiwis with a leaky home that requires extensive remedial work.

Renovations can be incredibly stressful, expensive and time consuming. Budget blowouts are common and estimated completion dates are rarely met. If the renovation work required is significant, such as in the case of a leaky home, you can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and still find yourself with an old house that is less than ideal for you and your family.

Luckily Signature Homes is here to help.

The Westmere, a Knock Down & Rebuild project

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