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Unlock your property's potential

About Subdividing

Subdividing and building your property can be a great option potentially offering you very good financial rewards. However, the subdividing process can be a time-consuming and complex process, with consents, hidden costs, council restrictions and planning regulations just a few aspects of the project that will need to be considered along the way. And all of that comes before a new home is built on the site!

To help our clients through this process, Signature Homes has created a one-stop solution we call Subdividing Services. This streamlined service puts together a number of specialists in order to save you time, guiding you through the process of subdividing your property from start to finish.

Importantly, our team will also be able to give you a much clearer idea of the costs involved to complete your project.

Thinking of Subdividing? Download your free digital guide today for more information.

Auckland Unitary Plan Experts

The Auckland Unitary Plan is the biggest piece of local building policy ever put in place by a council in New Zealand and presents many opportunities for the region, it will be a big part of solving the Auckland Housing situation, and it has many implications for Auckland home and property owners. For more information and tips on how the plan could affect you go to our dedicated page.

Through the Signature Subdividing service, and our Knock Down & Rebuild Service you can have access to a complete end - to - end development solution. We have experts in all our Auckland offices who can help you with design, consent and council requirements, building and site works and also sell any dwellings you develop off the plans. We can also help you with any finance requirements needed to fund the developments.

We are the Auckland Unitary Plan experts and can give you a quick and easy assessment of what could be possible on your property, from one or two stand alone homes to terraced solutions we have experience building them all. Contact your nearest team and for an obligation free Auckland Unitary Plan Consultation to see what is possible.

Contact your nearest team and for an Auckland Unitary Plan Consultation