Bathroom & tile trends with Plumbing World and Tile Warehouse

Posted On Jan 17, 2022 in Design

Bathroom & tile trends with Plumbing World and Tile Warehouse

2022 is the year to celebrate individuality in our homes, having all spent more time at home in the past couple of years, we are all looking at ways to make these functional spaces, beautiful and uniquely us.

Signature Homes is proud to be working with Plumbing World and Tile Warehouse to bring you the latest in bathroom and flooring design trends. 

Bathrooms no longer need to be modest and all-white. The design options are endless, we’ve collated a list of our favourite bathroom and tile trends.


Turn your bathroom into a relaxing retreat with a rainshower

Add style and sophistication to your bathroom space with a large rainshower or overhead drencher. These showerheads summon a relaxed carefree feeling, so you can start your morning off feeling fresh, or wash the day away.

Whether it’s wall or ceiling mounted, a rainshower head is the ultimate in showering. If you love the rainshower head, why not go a step further with a complete shower system with dualheads. You can choose between the overhead ‘rain’ option or the adjustable slide  shower nozzle for days when you don’t want to wash your hair.

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Complete the look with chic tapware

Beautiful tapware paired with matching fixtures and fittings can act as the defining feature, bringing together the style of bathroom space. Discover our favourite bathroom tapware trends below.


Coloured tapware 

Coloured tapware adds a contemporary feeling to your bathroom space, either as subdued elegance or adding allure with a shiny reflective finish. High shine finishes add glamour and luxuriousness, while matte tapware adds more of an organic simplistic feel. 


Textured tapware 

Tapware featuring textured and patterned detail is taking hold across the whole house, enabling you to create a customised, unique look. Finely knurled or ribbed detail adds a tactile feature to your design.


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Create a seamless flow with Terrazzo 


Terrazzo tiles are making a comeback, with fresh takes on the classic bathroom tile making it a favourite building material to design with. Terrazzo comes in an endless array of colours and shapes, offering limitless design options for your bathroom space. 

With its decorative speckled design and soft textural pattern, Terrazzo-look porcelain tiles are endlessly stylish and versatile, and an interior favourite as a more affordable alternative to marble or granite. 


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Discover more of our favourite bathroom & tile trends here

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