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Nick Jenkins: Finalist in Wellington Property People Awards 2023

Posted on October 4, 2023 in News

The Wellington Property People Awards celebrates individuals in the property sector, dedicated to honouring excellence and innovation within our region.

Congratulations to our very own Nick Jenkins, owner of Signature Homes Greater Wellington, who has earned a well-deserved nomination and secured his place as a finalist for the award.

Why this award matters

The Beca Young Achiever of the Year Award is run by the Property Council NZ who represents the wider property industry.

As a not-for-profit organisation, the Property Council NZ connects over 10,000 property professionals and champions the interests of more than 500 member companies. It stands as the singular entity advocating for the property industry, uniting members from across the property ecosystem to push for reduced red tape that fosters development.

This award holds great significance as it shines the spotlight on the exceptional achievements and contributions of individuals within property industry. It underscores the importance of excellence and innovation while fostering confidence among our clients.

The Awards Gala Dinner will be taking place on Thursday 9th November where they will announce the official winner.

Learn more about the awards here.

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