Why buying a showhome is a smart decision for savvy investors

Posted On Dec 21, 2020 in Finance

Why buying a showhome is a smart decision for savvy investors

These property investment opportunities have the potential to offer impressive returns. And what’s best? Signature Homes build many beautiful showhomes across the country each year. 

We are seeing more Mum & Dad investors who realise their equity may be better invested in property rather than sitting in the bank. Some of the many benefits include:

1. Guaranteed income

During the lease period, you have guaranteed rental income from your tenant, us! We offer a generous leaseback agreement for the duration of the lease (usually 2 years).

And we are a great tenant to have furnishings and appliances are hardly used, we don’t throw parties and the home is regularly cleaned by professionals. 

2. We look after your place

Generally, a new home requires little maintenance, in saying that if anything requires maintenance whilst we are leasing your property, we will cover the cost of maintenance. That’s one less thing to worry about.

3. No decisions required

Once you have bought the home there are no decisions to make! The heavy lifting has been done- the floorplan, modifications, and colour scheme is sorted, and the build is usually in progress at the purchase stage.

4. Built to the latest specs and trends

Our showhomes are built to impress- showcasing the latest in design trends, finishes, features built to the highest quality. Plus, the landscaping is usually top-notch.

5. Location is king

We build our showhomes in up-and-coming areas and new subdivisions. The home designs perfectly suit the section maximising light and space, and we take into account facilities that are close by, the streetscape, and connectivity. 

Click here to check out our current showhomes, or contact your local team to discuss any showhomes that might be available for purchase.

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