Why you should consider building more than one home

Posted On Mar 11, 2021 in Design

Why you should consider building more than one home

So, you’re thinking about developing your property? If you have the means available, it’s worth exploring the opportunity of building two or more houses to maximise the value of your land.

If you own a section (or your home is on a subdividable section) near a main city or town centre, it may be worth more than you think. Better yet, you can add even more value by building a brand-new Signature Home – in fact, why not build more than one!

Multi-unit development is fast becoming a popular way to maximise the value of a property. Demand for housing in New Zealand far outstrips the number of homes available, putting upwards pressure on prices, making it an ideal time to build. Signature Homes’ specialist development services provide home solutions personalised to you and your needs, making it easy to become a property investor. There’s a range of options to choose from, including duplex and terraced plans, ensuring you receive great returns from your investment.


You can save money

When you build with Signature Homes, you’re doing business with one of New Zealand’s leading residential building companies. This means you can take advantage of the relationships with the country’s best building material suppliers that we’ve built and nurtured during our 38 years in operation. These savings in materials, sites, project management and design are only amplified when you build more than one property on your site.

Building efficiency

Terraced housing is an environmentally friendly way to build and takes up far less land than larger homes, making them cost and time-efficient. All our homes can be built to Homestar 6 standards and Signature Homes is a proud member of the Green Building Council.

You get your own team

If one of our Urban Collection of plans or other designs doesn't work for your section and investment goals, our architects and designers will work closely with you to design a solution perfect for your situation. Whether you want to build two or 20 homes on your site, we’ve got you covered.

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