Signature Homes Queenstown Lakes

Owners Kathryn Mitchell Rhys Gould

Signature Homes Queenstown Lakes is owned and operated by Kathryn Mitchell and Rhys Gould, who bring a wealth of home construction knowledge to Queenstown and the surrounding areas in Otago. "We have been building and designing homes in the South Island for a number of years and are excited to bring Signature Homes to Otago. We are very passionate about what we do, as is our team who keep our clients at the centre of every step we take when  designing and building homes that are often the biggest investment our clients will make."

Kathryn and Rhys and the team also understand there are a lot of unknowns for people when building a home, and it's important to them they work alongside their clients through the journey, as Kathryn points out "most of our clients have never built before, and often it's a case of they don't know what they don't know, so we are with them through every step of the process, the whole team is. Our New Home Consultants are there at the first meeting, our Designers and Quantity Surveyors work with our clients to make sure their home meets their needs, within their budget, and when they are ready to build our Project Managers keep everything on time and on track to meet their Guaranteed Completion Date."

Signature Queenstown Lakes offers a full suite of building services for locals and people looking to build in the area. They can also help people who want to build but don't have a section with a broad range of House and Land Packages, and also a finger on the pulse of the local property market, so they are often a great place for people to start if you are looking in the area. 



Building with Signature - Getting Started
Building with Signature - Getting Started