Our Market Leading Building Guarantees

Deciding which building guarantees will provide you with the best protection can be a difficult task, even for those within the residential building industry.

However, it really does pay to have a closer look and see what is on offer. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, the extra time spent ensuring you are well protected could be well worth the effort.

At Signature Homes, just satisfying our clients isn't enough; our aim is to delight them with every aspect of our service and every detail of their new home. That's not just a vague promise, we back it up with our exclusive and independently-bonded guarantees.

Our Guarantees

  • Home Completion Guarantee
    Your payments to us are 100% secure, ensuring that you receive your new home, on time and on budget.
  • Ten Year Weather Tightness Guarantee
    We have great faith in our builders and the products we use, so much so that we guarantee all our homes will be warm, dry and healthy to live in for years to come.
  • Ten Year Structural Guarantee
    Your new home will stand the test of time.
  • Two Year Maintenance Guarantee
    One of the best things about moving in to a brand new home is the fact that you don't have to fix anything up. We guarantee that our homes will remain maintenance free for two years, giving you more time to enjoy living in them, rather than fixing them.
  • Completion Date Guarantee
    When we tell you which day you can move in to your new home, we mean it. Knowing exactly which date you will be moving in makes it easier to organise the sale of your existing home, or the final date of your rental agreement as well as moving vehicles and the all important house warming. 
  • Total Price Guarantee
    Building a new home is often associated with budget overruns, at Signature Homes, we guarantee that the price we give you during the design and build process is the same price you will pay for your new home. No nasty budget blow-outs, no surprise costs and no scary extra fees. 
  • No Hidden Extras Guarantee
    We believe the price we give you up front, should be the same price you pay. We guarantee that we won't sneak anything else into your price meaning there are no nasty surprises when it comes to building your dream home. 
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
    Ensuring you are delighted with your new home is a top priority for us. We guarantee that our workmanship, service and the end product will meet your satisfaction, leaving you thrilled with your new home. 

For more information on our Guarantees read our blog post 10 Questions About Guarantees. We believe our guarantees are the most comprehensive in the country, and we take great pride in the fact that no other residential building company can offer the same level of security to their clients. 

For more information on our industry leading guarantees, you can access our detailed brochure here.







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