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Current areas of focus – a quick snapshot

1. Mental health in the building industry

2. Ethical Partnerships

3. Helping our people to thrive

Signature Homes believes we are part of building Aotearoa, New Zealand – not just the buildings, but the people and environment too. Our people are just as important to us as the environment, and we are working to create an equal, fairer and more socially inclusive workforce.

Protecting our workers onsite

Signature Homes is fully committed to health and safety by leading the conversation and ensuring best practices are in place on our sites to protect our people. Our efforts extend beyond hazard and injury prevention; we also focus on our workers' mental health via a partnership with Mates in Construction.

Sadly, the construction industry carries the highest level of workplace suicides in New Zealand, and Signature Homes sees it as a key part of our corporate responsibility to address mental health in our industry.

Signature Homes is a partner of Mates in Construction, whose mission is to significantly improve mental wellness and reduce suicide in the construction industry. Alongside them, we're rolling out a suicide-prevention programme on our building sites across Aotearoa, New Zealand.