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Save the Kiwi

Signature Homes recently signed up to become one of the major sponsors of the ‘Save the Kiwi’ programme, to help save a Kiwi icon. The relationship was a natural fit for Signature Homes, where we stand proud as a Kiwi-owned and operated company. We felt strongly about doing our bit to help save our environment through improved sustainable building methods and through supporting initiatives that help to save our environment.

We see a Kiwi bird as so much more than just an icon for Aotearoa New Zealand; they are a strong indicator of the health of our environment. For example, more Kiwi present in an area suggests fewer predators around, and fewer predators mean a more opportunity for other native birds and insects to thrive.

Learn more about Save the Kiwi

Help save the Kiwi today by donating vital funds. Donate here.