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For a limited time, Signature Homes Papakura & Franklin will pay your rent while you build your new home with them*.

There are two qualifying House & Land packages available for this life-changing offer:

To discuss how you could build your new home, and live rent-free while it is being built, contact our friendly team today on 0800 828 822.


The parties acknowledge and agree that:

a. The Builder has agreed to reimburse the Client for rent paid by the Client for residential accommodation occupied by the Client for a maximum period of six (6) months or until Practical Completion of the Work (whichever is earlier) to a total maximum reimbursement of $30,000.00, and subject to the terms of the Building Agreement.

b. The Builder’s obligation to reimburse the Client shall end once the six (6) month period has elapsed or Practical Completion has been achieved, even if the payments are less than $30,000.00.

c. The payments will be made by way of monthly installments in arrears to the Client on receipt each month of confirmation of payment to the Landlord by the Client for the rent payment for that month after floor down completion as noted in clause 6(e) of the Schedule.

d. This Building Agreement is conditional on the Client’s Solicitor providing certified copies of the following documents, on or before the date that is [ ] working days after the date of this Building Agreement:

  • i. Existing tenancy agreement with an unrelated third party (“Tenancy Agreement”) with the commencement date before the Building Agreement; and
  • ii. Bank statements from Client for previous three months' confirmation.

If the condition is not satisfied by the due date for satisfaction (time being of the essence) the Builder’s obligation under clause (a) above will be at an end.

e. The Client hereby authorises the Builder to request and receive any information from the Landlord to confirm the Client’s tenancy.

f. The Client must immediately notify the Builder in writing if there is any change in the terms of the Tenancy Agreement. The Builder reserves the right to terminate the payments to the Client if any change is not reasonably substantiated or justified.

g. The Client is responsible for all costs payable to the Client’s landlord in accordance with the Tenancy Agreement. The Builder will not be liable to any party for any default by the Client, including any failure by the Client to comply with the Tenancy Agreement.

h. The Client is responsible for any tax arising from the payments by the Builder under clause (a) above.

i. If the Builder becomes entitled to cancel this Building Agreement as a result of a default on the part of the Client, the Builder will be entitled to withhold any further payments under clause (a) above and the Client agrees to reimburse the Builder for payments received.

j. The offer is only available on Lot 876, Pokeno Village Estate and Lot 30, Paerata Rise. 

For all enquiries in relation to this promotion or these terms and conditions, please contact