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The fusion of style and functionality in kitchen design

Posted on August 29, 2023 in Living

Kitchens are the heart of our home, their not just a place for cooking, but a place where memories are made, and stories unfold.

While the ingredients of a functional kitchen have remained the same, the design elements have evolved.

As we delve into conversations about kitchen design and functionality, we uncover the transformative power of interior design elements that can turn our favourite functional space into a stunning and efficient hub for your household.

Discover a few of our favourite kitchen design trends below:

Cool toned

From coastal cool colours, to subtle soft shades that reinforce a minimalist feel. Cool colors offer a soothing effect on the mind. They create a serene atmosphere in the kitchen, making it an ideal space to unwind and enjoy the cooking process.

Done right, cool toned kitchens can visually expand a room, making them appear larger than they are.  

Raw & defined

Bridge the gap between the outddoors and your kitchen through incoprorating natural materials and design elements.

Incorporating elements like exposed brick, rugged stone, or reclaimed wood introduces a sense of authenticity and character that elevates your kitchen's aesthetic.

Two toned

Contrasting two-toned kitchens are making a strong comeback, offering a captivating design approach that adds depth, character, and visual intrigue to the heart of your home.

The two-toned palette can establish a sense of rhythm, guiding the eye and enhancing the perception of space.

Whether achieving a timeless elegance or a modern edge, contrasting two-toned kitchens empower homeowners to personalise their culinary haven with a unique visual impact that truly stands out. 

With all the new trends around, we’ve collated our favourite kitchen design trends to inspire your new home journey.

Download our latest brochure to discover the latest design trends floating around. 

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