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1. Nude natural (above image)

Inspired by the Scandinavian trend, this look is all about stripped-back simplicity, pale wood tones and clean whites. The appearance of white-washed wood is ideal for floors, either hardwood, laminate or vinyl. Natural fibres add warmth and texture, and greenery creates a connection to nature.

2. Deep blue

Cool grey and deep blue flooring can create a stunning contrast with warm wood, as well as adding depth to rooms with good natural light. Consider a stone-look laminate and use rugs and soft furnishings to make the coolness feel cosy.

3. Light & white

Black is back and contrast is king! This striking look is bold and modern, and very light or white flooring stops it from becoming too heavy. White tiles are always on trend and very pale wood effects add the lightest hint of texture and nature in sleek spaces.

4. Warm wood

Rich timber and polished wood are always timeless in the home. The heritage feel of chestnut, oak, mahogany and native timbers is ideal in houses with a traditional look and feel. Hardwood floors, vinyl tiles and even laminate all offer amazing options if you love walking on wood.

"The appearance of colour can change in different environments, so it’s important to view your chosen sample under daylight and artificial light before making your final decision. And remember; darker colours can make a room appear smaller, whereas lighter colours can create a sense of spaciousness." Cavalier Bremworth.


Soft and cosy, you can’t go past carpet for warmth, price, beauty and durability

A pricier choice, hardwood is long-lasting, timeless and always beautiful

The ideal choice if you’re looking for a specific look on a more modest budget

Marble, travertine and mosaic effects without the costly price tag

All the beauty and tonal variety of wood with the toughness of laminate
Which flooring is best for which part of your home?


Carpet is ideal for relaxing on, but if your living area flows out to a deck, use tough hardwood or vinyl, then add rugs for the snuggle factor
Vinyl flooring is tough, easy to clean and comes in heaps of cool colours
Tiles are beautiful but take a lot of cleaning – vinyl and laminate look great and can withstand anything you throw, spill or drop
Tiles, tiles, tiles
High-traffic areas such as hallways can get noisy – a warm, durable carpet is the best choice
Carpeting in garages is the norm these days, even under the car. Tough garage carpet will also provide a good surface for your home gym

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