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Meet the team: Libby Phillips, Colour Consultant

Posted on February 1, 2022 in Design

Meet the team: Libby Phillips, Colour Consultant

Thinking of building your dream home but stuck for inspiration when it comes to the interior design and layout? We chat to Libby Phillips, our Colour Consultant at Signature Homes Waikato to learn about some of her favourite design elements and forecasted design trends of 2021.

Libby is a qualified Interior Designer who has worked in Flooring, Plumbing/ Bathroom Design and Architectural Lighting Design before joining the team at Signature Homes Waikato as their Colour Consultant.

“Creating individual spaces for our clients is such a rewarding aspect of the build, adapting to how people like to functionally live with in them. There is so much beauty in practical living.”

Images sourced from Pinterest

What is the most important aspect to look at when building a home?

There are a few things that come to mind. Firstly, when building it is so important to make sure that the flow is right for you. Getting the layout right for how you will utilise the space can make such a big difference! Your home doesn’t need to be big to get this right, it’s almost more important for smaller homes where space can be limited.

Repetition of materials is a very current trend, adding elements of exterior materials in the interior can completely change the whole feel and mood of the space. It also makes for a great feature!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I love getting out into nature and I get most of my inspiration from elements around us. Creating calm spaces that people feel good about relaxing in. Especially being in lockdown people are spending so much more time at home so it’s nice to create a little retreat and a space for them to just chill out.

Images sourced from Pinterest

What is it like working with so many clients who all have different taste?

When working with clients on their new homes I make it my goal to find out how they live and what they love. Whether it be bold colours or a more natural colour palette I find in my job that I am always adapting to ensure our clients are being heard. Guiding their input towards creating the perfect space for them. Using an item that is sentimental is a great starting point, this could be a piece of artwork or a piece of furniture that you cannot live without. These pieces can influence the space or inspire a feeling our clients are wanting in their home.

What is one interior trend we should invest in?

I have always said that lighting can make such a big difference to a home when it’s done right. You can create beautiful layers through the use of light, lighting up feature artwork can make all the difference. Soft ambient warm lighting at night makes us relax easier and wind down.

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