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The Westmere: a Knock-Down & Rebuild project

Posted on August 30, 2023 in Living


Nestled in the heart of Westmere, Auckland, our latest project stands as a testament to the art of home transformation – a journey from the past to the future. The canvas for this endeavour was a long and narrow site owned by the Johnsons, who envisioned a space where modern luxury harmonized with the echoes of history. 

Their aspirations were clear – to design a home that embraced the legacy of the 1920s and 1930s character bungalows in their neighbourhood, while radiating a contemporary allure.

This vision required a fresh start, the Johnsons turned to the comprehensive expertise of Signature Homes' Knock-Down & Rebuild service to bring their dream to life.

The challenge lay in maximising the potential of the elongated site, resulting in a two-story dwelling that artfully balances urban proximity with the tranquillity of open spaces.

At the forefront of the Johnsons' wishlist was a pool that would gracefully coexist with a garden, evoking a sense of balance between city life and natural serenity.

The exterior design was pivotal in achieving the desired blend of classic and contemporary. Drawing from the time-honoured materials of weatherboard timber and corrugated iron roofing, the modern bungalow aesthetic emerged.

Signature Homes design team brought together these elements , bringing the Johnson’s vision to life.


Stepping inside, as a symphony of cool white tones and blonde oak engineered timber floors welcomes you.

The interior space flows seamlessly, with a carefully considered layout that celebrates both aesthetics and functionality. As lovers of literature, the Johnsons carved out a window seat oasis – a tranquil haven for relaxation and reading. The inclusion of personalised elements helped the family bring their dream home to life. 

Gone are the challenges of the past; the low ceilings and relentless summer heat are mere memories. In their place, the embrace of high stud ceilings and ducted air conditioning ushers in comfort. The living spaces, thoughtfully oriented towards the sun's path, invite the outdoors in through multiple access points.

 The heart of the home, the kitchen, stands as an inviting space for entertaining and social gatherings. Impeccable landscaping frames views from the master bedroom, turning each gaze into a moment of reflection.


The Johnsons' journey showcases how a Knock Down & Rebuild project can weave the threads of history into a contemporary tapestry. The Westmere, a modernised bungalow, harmoniously stands amongst the older homes of the neighbourhood.

Download our free Knock Down & Rebuild guide today, or contact Signature Homes for more information.

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