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The latest interior design trends to watch out for

Posted on March 20, 2021 in Design

The latest interior design trends to watch out for

The most exciting thing about these 2021 interior design trends is that they are real and can be easily applied to your home. Design forecasts are often so far removed from the way we live, but not this year!

Go forth and try these ideas in your home, or use them to inform your ideas and inspiration for your new build plans.


The popular all-white boho vibe has been huge for years, and this Earthy Organic Trend is an extension of that look. The only real difference is the abandonment of that bright white approach. It’s moodier and muddier, and it makes the home feel warmer.

Think layers and softness. High texture timber floors and natural stone. Rather than having one neutral paint colour, we will see layered colours of say a gorgeous beige or subtle apricot mixed with raw timbers and deep textural browns.


While the hard industrial look is not new, it is evolving to a more refined, higher-quality look.

We’ll see black and walnut colours, high-grained marble and stone, and hidden lighting rather than feature lighting to give the space a moody, dramatic presence.


Dark navy has been used in small doses over the last couple of years, and it looks like this trend isn’t going anywhere in 2021. We will be seeing a lot more of this lovely blue from navy to classic blue and marine blue.


We can all agree 2020 was a challenging year. In 2021, it’s time to take the edge off. Rounded furniture, spherical pendant chandeliers, decorative pottery, and even abstract art featuring circles and curves are expected to appear in homes all over New Zealand in 2021.

Curves are here to stay and our furniture is taking a leap from the seventies with rounded backs, curved arms, and even a curved shape to the base.


Some looks are made to last, like the Palm Springs design trend, featuring a beachside atmosphere and all-natural elements.

Think bright white hues, leather sling-back chairs with rattan elements, Mediterranean poufs and chairs, and large pieces of pop art. Even with these elements combined, the space will still have a very airy feel to it with open plan living (and luxury) the main feature.

Inspired to refresh your interior design, or recreate your home from the ground-up? At Signature Homes, we offer a full design and build service, so you can choose the perfect home design to meet your needs, pick an exterior that catches your eye, and then customise the interior design to create something special - all with the help of your own Signature team.

We would love to discuss how we can bring your design aspirations to life in a New Home Workshop, book yours here today.

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