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New build design direction for 2023

Posted on February 10, 2023 in Design

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Our homes are an extension of who we are. Whether you’re building a new home, renovating your current one or dreaming of the near future, it’s important to choose an aesthetic that suits your lifestyle.

While it can be important to keep some elements of your new home timeless, combining neutrals and long-standing design principles with a few defining trends from the era of your build provides a unique and lasting impression for years to come.

We’ve joined forces with some of our amazing suppliers to bring you a round-up of new build design trends heading into 2023.


They say you only get one chance to make a first impression, and your home’s façade is no exception.

Vertical lines have always been an important architectural detail, making roof heights appear more elevated and bringing variety and texture to internal walls. Now, this trend is heading outdoors with the rising popularity of using James Hardie’s Stria, Axon and Linea Oblique vertically.

Combining these modern vertical lines with the enduring popularity of bricks in feature locations like an external chimney creates the endearing aesthetic of a modern farmhouse.


In today’s world, decisions for your landscaping and outdoors are no longer only focused on aesthetic appeal but also need to consider environmental factors.

Choosing drought-resistant plants and sustainable hardscaping is rising in popularity as we are forced to evolve our choices to accommodate the effects of climate change. Rainwater tanks are becoming mandatory in a lot of subdivisions and are excellent at repurposing rainwater for things like gardening, laundry and flushing your toilets – saving both the environment and your wallet.


Soren Liv has forecast three key upcoming interior design directions. A Fresh Start has a contemporary feel where a connection is formed through nourishing surroundings, welcoming rest and renewal. Common Ground is for those who appreciate a modern look in their home where the senses are soothed with the organic beauty of grounded forms and sculptural silhouettes. Finally, Parisian Salon celebrates the luxurious in everyday living, boucle and velvet are accompanied by channelling and antique brass detail.


Whether you’re going for contemporary chic or modern farmhouse, designing a multi-tonal kitchen will help create instant interest in one of the home’s most important spaces.

Trade all-white kitchens for eye-catching contrasts of colours, textures and materials. Part of this trend is mixing old and new elements, such as timber cabinet doors with a marble bench top, to create a more lived-in vibe. Pewter, copper and brushed brass tapware can also help bring your kitchen closer to nature.


Many of us are spending more time at home thanks to modern flexible work arrangements, making it even more important than ever to add moments of luxury to our indoor spaces.

Traditional enclosed showers are on the way out, making way for more open-plan solutions that create a feeling of being in a spa-like sanctuary. Wet rooms and walk-in showers are rising in popularity, giving the impression that a space is larger than it is, giving you more room to move and making bathrooms easier to clean.

Choosing the right tiles for a streamlined effect makes a big impact here, complemented by carefully selected tapware such as a large rain shower or overhead drencher to summon a relaxed, carefree feeling.


Flooring is the foundation of any home, enabling you to seamlessly integrate spaces while providing another opportunity for you to express your design individuality.

Wood and laminate flooring is making a big comeback, thanks to its ability to bring the outside in and add a sense of warmth and nature to any home. Whether you choose dark wood to add a rich, luxurious feel, or opt for lighter flooring to brighten smaller spaces, wood flooring is a trend we’re sure will be around for years to come.  


Lighting is a key (yet often overlooked) element in any home design and has a big influence on how your home functions throughout the course of the day and into the evening.

As home designs have adapted to modern living with open-plan spaces and high ceilings, these spaces have begun to lack a central design focal point. A trend that’s shining bright in response to this is the rise of statement pendants in entryways, large living spaces and kitchens.

Gone are the days of multiple pendants of varying sizes and heights – say ‘Hello’ to show-stopping sculptural masterpieces that steal the spotlight.  

Did you know that when you build with Signature Homes you get access to our in-house interior designers? They help you choose anything from your paint colours, right through to how to style your home.

If you would like to learn more about our new build design trends you can request your digital lookbook here.

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