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Proudly supporting Greenhithe Community Trust

Posted on April 27, 2024 in Sustainability

Discover how Signature Homes is making a positive impact on New Zealand's environment through our partnership with Trees That Count, to help mitigate our carbon emissions.

Committed to building a better future and contributing to New Zealand’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, Signature Homes ensures that for every home constructed, greenhouse gas emissions generated during construction are offset by planting native trees with Trees That Count.

Signature Homes are proud to have funded the planting of 990 trees in Greenhithe Reserve and Gullies.

The Greenhithe Community Trust 

The Greenhithe Community Trust aims to create a vibrant, connected, and caring community that also values its environment. Three years ago, the Trust secured a grant for an ecology facilitator to initiate local coordinated reserve restoration and pest control for the first time. While Greenhithe boasts many green spaces, unfortunately, most are marred by rubbish, weeds, and pests.

The Trust is progressively restoring areas for the community's enjoyment, with the number of native trees planted annually increasing from zero initially to 1,000-2,000 following 2019.

Continuing their efforts this year, the Trust plans to further plant trees and manage pests in the community’s reserves, coastlines, gullies, and backyards. They have already observed a significant increase in birdlife and understand that their contribution as part of the North-West Wild Link will aid in the safe passage of native birds breeding in the Hauraki Gulf reserves and Waitākere Ranges.

Learn more about Greenhithe Community Trust here

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